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The outdoor tv classics community

Welcome to our community and to the home of Heroes and Legends of the Great Outdoors. The unique nature of the Outdoor TV Classics Project will not appeal to everyone. It will only appeal to those who have a deeply-felt love of the outdoors and can remember those who taught us important life-lessons about nature, conservation, hunting, fishing and about LIFE. For most of us, those heroes were our parents and grandparents. For some it was a neighbor or a celebrity TV host whose shows helped ignite a life-long passion of fishing, hunting and the fellowship it brings. We have started a Facebook Group to celebrate our love of the outdoors as well as salute those who took the time to mentor us. If you yearn for the simplicity of days-gone-by when the outdoors was something everyone seemed to do; if your heart feels good when remembering those fishing and hunting trips from so many years ago, you are invited to join our community on Facebook and join in the conversation and celebration. Click the button below to join our growing community and thank you for supporting the Outdoor TV Classics Project.


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About Outdoor TV Classics

ALAN: This would be the place for the smaller video mentioned in your notes describing what this is all about. We can also link to this video from a button on the home page. 

These Old films are fantastic

They make me feel good and bad at the same time! Good that my heart remembers those days. Bad in that those days are gone forever. I love your channel and will continue to watch. – James Woolsley

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If you would like to share your thoughts about the Classics, you may leave a voicemail 24/7.