Set your DVR to record the show. Wednesdays 11:00pm ET on Pursuit Channel.


The only outdoor show that’s 75 years in the making, the Outdoor TV Classics shares stories on film from long ago and helps today’s audience understand the powerful love of family, love of country and love of fishing and hunting that began to flourish in our country shortly after World War II.

Those you’ll see on the Outdoor TV Classics helped to raise millions of Americans who loved fishing and hunting. And today, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities are an annual 80+ billion dollar industry!

But today’s 80+ billion dollar industry started with simple people: pioneers, legends and ordinary Americans who fished and hunted for FUN and FOOD (not for profit and not for a trophy). They fished and hunted because it was IN THEIR BLOOD.

Each monthly one-hour Outdoor TV Classics will present priceless tales from the past along with a sprinkling of current stories and great destinations.

With literally more than a thousand classic films in the Outdoor TV Classics library, we’re hopeful to generate enough viewer interest and feedback to produce a series of WEEKLY one-hour specials with stories that you won’t see anywhere else!

So sit back, relax and welcome to the Outdoor TV Classics.

Keep in mind that we’d love to hear how you feel about our show. Your comments are important to us and to our sponsors. And who knows? Maybe your voicemail could be the one that helps us make the Outdoor TV Classics a “regular” weekly program for viewers of all ages to enjoy.

Call our 24-hour voice mailbox to share your thoughts and feelings about the Outdoor TV Classics toll free at 1-855-296-7469. Both Larry and I are “much obliged”!

Alan Warren

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