Set your DVR to record the show. Wednesdays 11:00pm ET on Pursuit Channel.

CAUTION! By watching these films, you will be transported back in time!

Are you sick and tired of today’s all too typical hunting and fishing TV shows? We are too!

Introducing the Outdoor TV Classics; a goldmine of classic fishing and hunting films from days gone by.

Remember when watching an outdoor TV show or watching a fishing or hunting film in the old days made you feel? Remember the Icons of the great outdoors? Fred Bear, Howard Hill, Virgil Ward, Jim Thomas, Forrest Wood? Remember the old sports celebrities and movie stars that would appear on some of the most popular outdoor TV shows of the 1960’s?

You’ll see them on the Outdoor TV Classics! Many people believe the Outdoor TV Classics library is the largest one of its kind in the world with fishing and hunting films that date back to the 1930’s.

Unfortunately, due to the over-commercialization of today’s outdoor TV industry, these priceless treasures cannot be brought to you on Hook & Bullet Channels. We have simply found ZERO sponsors who realize the value of these films and the powerful effect they have on millions of Americans who grew up fishing and hunting.

That said, we are working on having these incredible films and TV Shows available to watch and download online 24/7. With today’s Smart Phones and Smart TV’s, you’ll be able to watch these old films on television without having to suffer through the endless stream of commercials and TV pitchmen.

We have some samples here on the site for you to watch and enjoy and we welcome your feedback, comments and questions.

In the meantime, we continue to make progress on the Outdoor TV Classics and will have some exciting news to report soon.

So if you have a fondness for the good ol’ days of the great outdoors; when times were simpler with less commercialism, less boasting by a loud-mouth TV host and his camo-clad wife in a tree stand and you’re wanting to ESCAPE to a time when we fished and hunted because it was truly a way of American life, stay tuned for the Outdoor TV Classics.

We think you’re going to love them!

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